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-{{:logo.png?nolink| }} Consortium of European Radiation Research Platforms+{{:logo.png?nolink| }}  
 +====== Consortium of European Radiation Research Platforms ======
-MEENAS [[http://www.melodi-online.eu/|MELODI]], [[http://www.eurados.org/en|EURADOS]], [[https://www.euramed.eu/|EURAMED]], [[https://eu-neris.net/|NERIS]], [[http://er-alliance.org/|ALLIANCE]], [[https://www.ssh-share.eu/|SHARE]].+Aim:
-----+  * promote the integration and the efficiency of European R&D in radiation protection to better protect humans (public, patients and workers) and environment; 
 +  * advance scientific excellence; 
 +  * develop and implement the joint R&D roadmap; 
 +  * maintain and develop European research capacity; 
 +  * encourage scientific education and training and foster key research infrastructures in the field of radiation protection; 
 +  * foster international collaboration and collaboration with sister organisations and networks in a non-exclusive manner by open interaction with the wider research community and stakeholders.
-Download {{ :vision_doc_v1.3_final_draft_presented_for_consultation.docx |the vision document}} (Microsoft Word format).+{{ ::meenas_mou_signed.pdf |Download the MEENAS Memorandum of Understanding}}
-----+====== Towards the establishment of a Partnership for Radiation Protection Research ======
-Dear programme owners and programme managers in the EJP CONCERT project, +The extended MEENAS group (MEENAS and representatives of several radiation protection institutions) prepared, following the EC recommendationa robust radiation protection co-funded partnership vision document toward the establishment of a partnership for radiation protection research. Following the first round of consultation from September 10 to 142020, a consolidated document has been issued and sent to the EC in the perspective of the meeting to be held on the 25th of September. Due to the time constraints, the current version of the vision document takes into account the major urgent comments while the other comments will be considered in the next version of the document.
-Dear members of the radiation protection research platforms,+
-In follow up of a letter 28 July 2020 prepared by MEENAS and representatives of several radiation protection institutions, the extended MEENAS group, we come to you to request your contribution. +{{ :vision_doc_v1.4.pdf |Download the current version of the vision document – version 1.4 – September 16th 2020}}
-As announced in mentioned letter, the extended MEENAS group prepared, following the EC recommendation, a robust radiation protection co-funded partnership vision document. During summer holidays we have been working on that vision document according to the 'partnership-draft-guidance' (in annex) and with a few days delay (we promised the draft ready for the end of August) we present to you a draft document for comments. +
-Since we have a meeting with the EC on the 25th of September (for which we need to send the document the latest 18th of September), the extended MEENAS group has scheduled a meeting 16th of September to discuss your comments and adapt the present version of the vision document. We know it is short day but we would like to receive your comments by 14th of September evening.  The comments that are received by that time can still be considered in the updated version that will be sent to the EC for discussion on 25th of September. Very likely this discussion with the EC will also lead to modifications and that more advanced version will be send again for consultation. So if you would have no time now, you can still intervene at a later stage. +----
- +
-Please send your comments to [[sec@eu-meenas.net]] **before 14 September evening**. +
- +
-We would really appreciated your comments on this draft vision document. So thank you very much in advance. +
- +
-With kind regards, +
- +
-The extended MEENAS team+
-==== List of received comments ====+Following the consultation of the POMs and platform members and discussion with representatives of the European Commission on the vision document that had been prepared by the extended MEENAS  group, an amended version of the vision document has been prepared and transmitted to the Commission on January 8, 2021.
-^ Comments                                                                   ^ Name                                              ^ Organisation         ^ Date (UTC+2)      ^ +{{ ::draft-proposal-for-partnership-in-rp.pdf |Download the current version of the vision document version January 2021}} **NEW**
-{{ :t.schneider-neris.pdf |link}}                                          | Thierry Schneider  | as an individual               | NERIS                | 2020-15-09 09:30  | +
-| {{ :a.l._rudjord-dsa.pdf |link}}                                           | Anne Liv Rudjord   | as an individual               | DSA                  | 2020-09-5 09:00   | +
-| {{ :vision_doc_v1.3_final_draft_presented_for_consultation_bz.pdf |link}}  | Benjamin Zorko     | as an individual               | ijs                  | 2020-09-14 17:10  | +
-| {{ :lina_vieira.pdf |link}}                                                | Lina Vieira        | as an individual               | Estesl               | 2020-09-14 10:00  | +
-| link to comments                                                           | Name               | on behalf of/as an individual  | <organisation name>  | 2020-09-09 13:46  |+